PreciseFP offers two levels of security across the system. Data elements and templates with a high level of security will require your clients and co-clients to authenticate themselves using their email address and a password. In order for them to create their personal password, a security PIN will be sent via text message to their mobile phone once they open a high level security engagement for the first time.

You are able to view the security status for a client and co-client under their account details. 

Low level security means that the client/co-client did not yet create their personal password and will be prompted for the security PIN once they open a high level security engagement.

High level security means that the client/co-client created their personal password and are able to authenticate themselves in all engagements.

If a client/co-client enters the wrong password multiple times, their access will be blocked and you will be notified via email (if you have your notifications set). 

The clients point of view from their engagement when it becomes blocked.

When this happens, you will be able to restore their access by generating a new security PIN from within the client’s account.  You will see in the clients account that under security it states "Blocked" to unblock access click on the Generate New link next to PIN.  

When they go back to their engagement they will be required to enter in this new PIN.  If SMS is enabled (mobile number on their profile) the PIN will be sent to their mobile device if SMS is not enabled (no mobile number on their profile then you will have to provide the PIN to them either verbally or in a separate email.

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