If you have enabled integrations, you will be able to import or export account information from/to external systems. 

To import or export an account, click the “import” or “export” button at the top of the account details or in the header toolbar of the account profile. 

After choosing the integration, if the account was never imported or exported to that integration, you will be prompted to choose the external record to where you wish to import or export. Search records by last name and select the desired one. If you are exporting and you wish to create a new account, select the “Create a new record” option instead of performing a search. After the account is linked to an external record, you will not have to perform this step again.

Import and Export operations can take some time to perform. It depends on the amount of information in the account and the integration type. Some integrations exchange more information with PreciseFP than others.

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