There are several ways to engage a client or prospect. The most common is by pressing the “engage” button in the account details panel or by selecting multiple accounts from the list and choosing the “engage” options from the header toolbar.

You can also create a new engagement by pressing the “+” button on the top right corner of the engagements list.

When creating a new engagement, the first step is to select what template you would like to engage the selected contacts with. After the template is selected, you may need to search for the contacts you wish to engage if you haven’t selected them already. The last step is to select which engagement notifications should be enabled. There are three types of email notifications:

  1. New engagement email - This email is sent as soon as the engagement is created and contains a button to access it. If you wish to share the engagement link with your contacts using other communication channels (such as through your own email), disable this notification.  A shareable URL will appear after you hit Create.  
  2. Periodic reminder email - This email is sent periodically notifying the contacts that the engagement is not yet completed. 
  3. Thank you email - This email is sent as soon as the engagement is completed.

All messages can be customized. Enable a notification and press the “customize” button to open the message editor.

Click here to see the steps on how to pre-fill an engagement prior to sending it to a client.

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