There are several ways to engage a client or prospect. The most common is by pressing the “Engagements” button in the account details panel (Accounts > All Accounts > Click on your clients name)

Create and Send (This option allows you to choose a template to send to your client and after your choice is made will then email the client)

Choose your contact (either the client or co-client) once you click on continue you'll choose your template you wish to send out to your client.

Once your template is selected you can then choose to customize enable/disable the email notifications as well as edit the description of the engagement (below the name of the engagement)

Once you're done click on create.

Create and Edit (This option allows you to create the engagement and then edit it before sending out the engagement. This option should be selected should you want to manually prefill the engagement with data before sending to your client.)

Choose the client or co-client then click on continue. You'll then select the template you want to create and edit.

Once you select your template you'll then see the template open up for this client. This is where you can then go in and navigate through the template (click on start then can go forward/backwards in the template by clicking on the prev/next buttons in the lower right hand corner.

The navigation panel in the lower left allows you to change the view of the engagement to see what it looks like on a mobile and tablet device, open the engagement in a new window or to print the engagement.

You can input data into the elements of the engagement. As you go along your changed will auto save for you. When you are done click on the X in the upper right hand corner.

You'll be on the engagement details where you can either click on the Send button and this will send the engagement to the client complete with your manual updates or if you prefer to send the engagement out of your own email you can locate the link for the engagement, copy then paste in your own email and send it that way.

Engagement List (This option provides you with a full list of all engagements for your client.)

Sending multiple clients/prospects the same template

Navigate to Accounts. From here you can either choose All Accounts, Clients, Prospects, Favorites or Archived.

Check the highlights blue box to select all accounts or manually check the box to the left of the accounts name (red highlight) to select one at a time. Once you're done making your selections click on the Engage button in the top navigation where you'll then be prompted to choose the template to engage the selected accounts.

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