To create a new template, press the “+” button on the top right corner of the my templates section. 

You will be prompted to choose the type of template you want to create followed by the title, description and thumbnail image for your template. 

Template types

Template types allow you to organize your templates based on their function. 

PreciseFP has five different template types:

  1. Lead generation - Capture new leads by offering free services and materials in exchange for contact information.
  2. Policies and agreements - Fast-track your customer acquisition with e-signable policies and agreements.
  3. Fact finders - Capture all the financial information required to build a complete financial plan.
  4. Surveys and polls - Learn more about your clients by enga

Template security

When a template is created, a security level is assigned. Once set, the security level can’t be changed. 

High security level templates

These templates, when used to engage a client or prospect, will require authentication. High security level templates allow for electronic signatures and will be automatically prefilled with the latest data from the client/prospect account profile. When customizing these templates, you will be able to connect elements to any dataset element available.

Low security level templates

These templates will not require any type of authentication. Because of this, they cannot be electronically signed and will also not prefill with data from the client/prospect account profile. When customizing these templates, you will only be able to connect elements to dataset elements having a low security level.

If you wish to change the template security, click the “advanced settings”.

You can also add templates to the “my templates” section by clicking the “add to my templates” button located in the toolbar of the template details panel on each template from the Library and from the shared with me section.

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