The first step will be to add both the client and co-client into PreciseFP if you haven't already done so.  The client will be listed as the primary account holder.  

Once the client and co-client have been added as account engage the primary account holder with the account opening form.  Click on the Engagements button.  Do not engage both as this will cause issues with the eSignature and create two forms!

Under Create and Edit choose who the primary account holder is, either the client or the co-client. Then click on Continue. This option of Create and Edit creates the engagement and then allows you to prefill it before it gets sent to the client/co-client for filling/signing.

You can then enter in keywords to search for the form, in this example I'm searching for "Shareholders" and it will bring up all of the relevant forms I can choose. Select the Account Opening form.

Next, you'll be asked what information you would like to prefill into the form from the clients profile (if it's already on file for the client)

Once your choices are made select continue. The form will then open up in edit mode in your dashboard. Click on the Start button to navigate among the pages in the form. You can now manually input data and also see what data auto prefilled into the form. Any changes you make will auto save for you as you go along.

When you're done filling out the form click on the X in the upper right hand corner.

On the engagement details panel you can now click on the Send button to have the prefilled out form emailed to your client. If you prefer you can also copy/paste the link to the form in your email and have it sent through your own email outside of PreciseFP.

What your client sees when they open the form

The first time they open a PreciseFP/SSG Form they will be required to enter in their PIN.
*The PIN is only needed the first time the open a PreciseFP/SSG form.  After they create a password this will be all that is needed to access the forms.

Next step for your client will be to create a password

Once they click on create it will take them into the form.  (More than likely you'll have almost all of this pre-filled out once the client opens it leaving them with as little work as possible)

Once they navigate to the final page, the signature page, they will see this.

If it is just the two of them that need to sign (no other signatures would be required) then they can click on Digital Signature(s)

In this example I sent the form to Charles' email and he is the one currently logged into the form.  He can click in his signature field and then eSign it.  If he were to click in Katherine's signature spot it would look like this:

After Charles is done signing Katherine can then jump in and sign-in.  This prevents the client from actually signing as the co-client.
As Charles I am going to go ahead and sign the form in my signature field by clicking where it says "Click to Sign" to the right of my name.


Once the client has signed they can click on Save.  The signature will now be on the form.  These same steps are needed for the Initials field as well.

Now it's time for the co-client to sign.  They will need to click in their signature field and then click on the Sign-In button.

*Note the co-client would need to be present in the same room as the client in order for them to login to sign the same form*

Co-client will now need their security PIN.

And to create a password

Now my co-client is logged in and ready to eSign.

They will need to click in their signature field.

Click on Save

Once they've signed and initialed they can then click on the Finish button to complete the form.

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