The Account Opening template allows you to engage your clients and open one or multiple accounts. The result is a document similar to the standard SSG New Account Application Form.

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Step-by-step Guide

Before engaging your clients with the template, you should save your information in the template by going to "Custodial Templates", selecting the Account Opening Template, and clicking the "Configure" button. 

In the Configuration settings you can select how do you wish your clients to sign the form: you may choose between using PreciseFP e-Signature elements or handling the process yourself. To disable the PreciseFP signature in your template select "No".(You can learn more about our e-Signatures here.)

To engage a client with the template, click on the desired client account and click "Engagemet".

Select Create and Edit. This will allow you to edit the "Account Opening" engagement before sending it out to your client.

Next, select the Account Opening form.

You'll then be asked to prefill the engagement with the second account holder (co-client) and any trusted contacts (children or other family members) on file if applicable. Once you click on Continue you'll then be taken to edit mode of the form. This creates the engagement but does not send it out to the client just yet. You can then go through and continue filling out the form for your client.

In edit mode you'll be viewing the engagement exactly as the client will view it.

Click on the start button to move along in the form. As you enter in information it will auto save for you.

We suggest that you go over the entire engagement and fill in any missing information you have access to. 

Remember that this engagement is subject to the same rules as the standard SSG New Account Application. It can be used for multiple accounts as long as they all share the same client data.

Once you're done, close out the engagement edit screen by clicking the "X" button.

You're now ready to send out the engagement email to your client. Click the "Send" button on the new engagement email. Click on the customize button beforehand if you wish to customize the email that accompanies this form. Or, if you prefer to send the link to this form out of your own email you'll see the link above the Emails section on the Engagement Details panel.

We will notify you when your client completes the engagement. Once that happens, you will have access to the signed account opening application by going to Engagements > All Engagements > click on the completed engagement for your client as well as the certificate of completion. Make sure to download any documents your client uploaded to the engagement, the certification of completion which acts as the audit trail for the signature (click on the yellow certificate icon)pack everything together and send it to SSG.

Important Information

To open accounts where the Primary Account Holder is a Co-client in PreciseFP, select the co-client instead of the client when you click on the engagements button. The co-client is always the second name listed.

To open joint accounts, engage whoever should be the Primary Account Holder in the final document. If the Secondary Account Holder is labeled as Co-client in PreciseFP, he/she will be able to digitally sign the same application.

When opening accounts where one of holders is not a client/co-client in PreciseFP, we will not be able to collect digital signatures and the manual signing method should be selected.

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