The Account Transfer template allows you to engage your clients and generate a document similar to the standard SSG Account Transfer Form.

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Step-by-step Guide

To engage a client with the template, click on the desired client account and click "engage".

Choose the "Account Transfer" template and set the "New engagement email" to "No". This will allow you to edit the "Account Transfer" engagement before sending it out to your client.

Once the engagement is created, click the "View/Edit" button. You will see the engagement just as your client will once you send it out.

We suggest that you go over the entire engagement and fill in any missing information you have access to. 

Remember that this engagement is subject to the same rules as the standard SSG Account Transfer. It can be used for full, partial, DRS/DRIP Plan, and Bank/Insurance/Annuity Transfers.

Once you're done, close out the engagement view screen by clicking the "X" button.
You're now ready to send out the engagement email to your client. Click the "Send/Resend" button on the new engagement email.

We will notify you when your client completes the engagement. Once that happens, you will have access to the signed account transfer application and the certificate of completion from the engagement details. Make sure to download any documents your client uploaded to the engagement, pack everything together and send it to SSG.

Important Information

To transfer an account belonging to a Co-client in PreciseFP, select "engage co-client" from the engage dropdown.

To transfer joint accounts, engage whoever  Primary Account Holder in the final document. If the Secondary Account Holder is the Co-client in PreciseFP, he/she will be able to digitally sign the same application.

Remember that at any point in time, you can only have one Account Transfer Engagement open for each contact. Engaging the same contact multiple times with an Account Transfer Template will automatically close all previous ones created for that contact. If you need to engage the same person with multiple Account Transfers, you will have to wait until he/she completes one before engaging them with another.

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