In order for the system to know which template element to use for each fillable PDF field, you need to connect (map) it. Open the PDF mapper, navigate to the PDF page that contains the field you wish to map and click on it. 

In the Field Details panel, you will be able to select the template element via the “Connection” dropdown.

Depending on the template element selected, you may see new options available.

Page Type 

If the selected template element belongs to a page that allows “co-client” data, you will have to choose if you wish to map the element for the client or for the co-client.

Group Row

If the selected template element belongs to a group that includes the “add more” button, you will have to choose which row number you wish to map.


Certain template elements may show a “Selector” dropdown. These allow you to extract only certain parts of the data from the template element. 

  • Text Elements allow you to use the entire value or only a portion of it. You will need to define how many characters and the starting position for the system to extract the partial value.
  • Date Elements allow you to use the entire date, only the month, the day, or the year.
  • Address Elements allow you to use the entire address, only the address line, the city, the state, the zip code, or the country.
  • Dropdown Elements that allow custom values, let you select if you wish to map any value, only values included in the dropdown, or only values that are custom added.

Mapping elements to checkboxes in the PDF document

If the field you are mapping is a checkbox, the “Selector” dropdown will allow you to select a condition for when the field should be checked.

Quickly view mapped field information

Connected (mapped) PDF fields will be highlighted in green. If you place the mouse cursor over the “link” icon, all the mapping information will be displayed. 

Fields with only a default value will remain blue but include a “>_” icon. Placing the mouse cursor over this icon will display the default value.

Signature elements will be highlighted yellow and the icon will represent the element type (signature, signee, or signature date). Placing the mouse cursor over these icons will display the mapping information.

Advanced Settings for Fillable PDF fields

The advanced settings link expands further options for a PDF field. In here you can update the font size used, for case where your PDF field is too small or to big. You can also define a character limit so that your PDF field will not overflow. And finally, for situations when your PDF field is split into character boxes, you can space the characters equally along the full length of the field.

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