**NOTE: These forms are still in BETA.**

When logged in navigate to Templates on the left side navigation then click on Library

Because the forms are still in BETA you'll want to add ?schwab at the end of the URL then hit Enter.  (This extra step will only need to happen while we are in BETA, you can also visit this link directly: https://app.precisefp.com/templates/library?schwab

Scroll to the bottom of the library where you should now see the Schwab Template Package.

Click on the Schwab box and then click on Install Template Package button.  You can click on the Preview button to the right of any of the forms to preview them.

You'll now see a Custodial Templates subsection in your library.  When you click on this you'll then see all of the available custodial forms.

You can also preview any of the forms by clicking on them then clicking on the preview button.

Clicking on the configure button to input your information that will prepopulate on the form.

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