PreciseFP lets you pre-fill personal and contact information for Account Holder(s), Beneficiaries and Trusted Contacts when using our Custodial Templates.

We will use the data of your client, co-client, children, and other family members. If none of these exist in your client's profile, then no options for pre-filling will be available.

Start by engaging the client (or co-client) with the desired template. The contact you engage will be automatically assigned as the main account holder.

Depending on the custodial template selected, different options and contacts will be available for you.

Select the contact you would like to assign for each one of the different options and click “add”. If the dropdown becomes disabled, it is because you reached the limit of contacts you can add for that option. Click the red “x” to remove a contact from one of the options.

Once you are happy with the selections, click continue to move to the next panel and finish creating the engagement.

Click “view/edit” to open the engagement, review the pre-filled information and manually fill other fields before sending the engagement to your client.

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