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Manually Close or Re-open a Form Engagement
Manually Close or Re-open a Form Engagement

Steps showing how you can close out a client/prospect engagement

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Go to Engagements > All Engagements.  Locate the In Progress or Not Started engagement that you want to close.  Click on the engagement. On the engagement details panel that opens on the right hand side, click on the close button.

Note: This will cease all email reminders once the engagement is closed and will also remove their access to it.  

If you have the Thank you email enabled for the engagement, manually closing it will send that email to the client.

If you wish to provide the client access to the engagement again, follow the same steps as above, but instead click on re-open engagement from the top navigation. This will also start email reminders again.

Please also note that re-opening it does not automatically send the engagement to the client it again. It does allow them access to it if they still have their link to the engagement but if they do not you will be able to then click on the Send button to re-send it.

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