Form Engagement Details

The engagement details panel gives you all the information relevant to that engagement.

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To access the engagement details navigate to Engagements on the left side navigation. CFrom here you can either choose all engagements, In Progress or Completed under Form Engagements. Once you've located your engagement click on it and the engagement details panel will open on the right hand side of your screen.

The top panel will let you know the engaged contact, the template used, the security level, and the description of the engagement which can be edited by clicking on the pencil and paper icon.

Clicking the View (will only appear on completed engagements) or View/Edit engagement button will open the engagement in preview mode.

If the engagement has been closed you will see a Reopen button. Clicking this will allow access to the client again as long as they have the link to the engagement. If you click this button you can then click the Send button that will appear to resend the engagement back to the client as this does not happen automatically when clicking the reopen button.

PreciseFP also tracks the progress on each page of the engagement, both in percentage of data filled in and time spent (click on the more drop down).

In progress or Not Started form engagements can be manually closed by you by clicking on the close button.

If you wish to send the link of the form engagement to your client/prospect out of your own email you can locate and copy the link to it here.

Engagements that are not yet completed (In Progress or Not Started) will allow you to enable or disable the notification messages and will allow you to copy the engagement link. (Click on Customize to edit and enable/disable)

To resend the In Progress or Not started form engagement again click on the Send button under the New Engagement email.

Engagements that include uploaded documents will show a “Uploaded documents” list below the main details. Clicking on download all will download all documents at once.

Engagements that are signed electronically will show a “E-signatures” list below the main details. Clicking an entry from the list will download the signed document.

The engagement history section gives you access to past versions of the same engagement. Clicking on an entry will let you preview it and/or print it.

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