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Customizing Form Templates

How to get to the editor of any Form template

Updated over a week ago

The editor is split into 3 main areas:

  1. Header - Here you will see the title of the current template you’re editing and you will be able to access the main editor toolbar.

  2. Page sidebar - Located on the right of the screen, the page sidebar lets you navigate between template pages, reorder them, and create new template pages.

  3. Main content - Here you can see and edit the contents of the current active page

You are able to customize any form template under your “my templates” section. To open the template editor, click on your template you wish to edit, then click the “customize” button located in the toolbar of the template details panel.

This will then open this template into the editor.

From here you can customize by editing existing fields, removing fields, adding pages and more.

*Note: The editor is a powerful, advanced tool.  It will take some technical knowledge (and definitely patience) to understand it.  If you need help along the way, we are happy to point you to Knowledge Base articles and to provide quick responses.  We also can make ourselves available for web training/help via our consulting services offering (chat with us to find out more).  

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