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How to Add The PreciseFP Certification to a PDF
How to Add The PreciseFP Certification to a PDF

Steps to add the PreciseFP certification to the PDF's.

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Please note: Having the PDF certified with PreciseFP's certificate is an optional step.

For standard agreements such as the Service Agreement, IPS templates, etc. it is usually not a requirement.

When the option is enabled, a certificate of completion is generated that includes the activity log of the signing process. It also adds PreciseFP's certificate to the PDF to match the certificate of completion to the document itself. Because PreciseFP's certificate is not included in Adobe's PDF reader by default, it needs to be added as a trusted certificate the first time a user opens a PDF signed with it.

Adding PreciseFP's certificate to your Adobe PDF Reader

Please note that these steps only need to be done once.  Further PDF's that are downloaded and opened will always show the PreciseFP certification. 

If you have the Certify Signed Document option enabled on your e-Signature, and open the signed document with Adobe PDF Reader, it will show that PDF is certified by UNKNOWN at the top.

Locate the e-signed engagement either on the Engagements page or through your clients Engagement list.  Click on it to download it to a PDF.  Locate the download and click on it to open it Adobe.

Once the PDF is opened in Adobe it will say that the validity of the document certification is UNKNOWN.

Click on the Signature Panel button.

Click on the + icon to the left of Certified by PreciseFP

Click on the + or > icon to the left of Signature Details

Click on Certificate Details

When expanding the "Signature Details" shown in the screenshot above, there's a link called "certificate details".
Clicking that will open a new popup window.
Make sure the "root" certificate (PreciseFP) is selected in the left list, then go to the "Trust" tab.

Click on Add to Trusted Certificates

Click on OK

Click on OK

Close out of Adobe and open up the PDF again.  You can do this by clicking on the PDF download from the download tab.

Once the PDF is opened in Adobe again it will then show that it is certified by PreciseFP

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