Before enabling this integration you will be required to fill out the ROI and send it to the VEO Tech Support team.  When you click on the VEO/TD Ameritrade Institutional button on the Integrations page as shown below there will be instructions, including a link to download the ROI form which can also be found here.  Once you have this filled out you'll need to email it to and you'll then be emailed by their team once the integration is available for your VEO One account.  Once you receive that email from their support team you can then continue through the steps below to enable the integration and to export.

To enable this integration click on Settings (circle icon in the lower left) > Integrations > Click on the TD Ameritrade Institutional button.

Click on Enable this integration

Enter in your VeoOne User ID and password then click on Enable.


The integration should then show as enabled.

To Export to VeoOne

Go to Accounts > Locate your client/prospect account either under Clients, Prospects, or All Accounts and click on their account > click on Export > Choose TD Ameritrade Institutional

Next, you will choose who the account owners are (client or co-client or none) as well as the beneficiaries (client, co-client or listed children in PreciseFP)

 For the beneficiaries (if any) click the drop down, select the beneficiary and then click on the add button.  You can add additional beneficiaries from the drop down.

Click on the Export button after you've selected the owners and beneficiaries.

Click on Open Account Wizard
*You'll want to make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled*

You'll then be taken to the Forms Wizard where you can then continue the TD Ameritrade Institutional process with the data from PreciseFP.  A full list of data fields that come over from PreciseFP to TD Ameritrade Institutional can be found here.



   Our integration sends the data to Veo's account wizard, from there, completing any missing data and selecting the appropriate documents to generate would then be handled on your end through the wizard.  

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