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Multiple Open Form Engagements

With this feature enabled you can now have multiple engagements open of the same template for the same client.

Updated over a week ago

To enable this feature open a template from My Template in the editor.  Once you're in the editor click on the template details button

On the Template Details panel click on Enabled under Multiple Open Engagements

By default all PDF Templates have this option enabled.  By enabling this option it will then allow you to send the same template multiple times without closing the previous engagement.  This feature is perfect for instances when you're sending out something like a custodial account opening form, for example, due to the client opening more than one account.  You can send out the same template to the client again even though the previous engagement isn't complete and it will not close the previous engagement.

With the option disabled, if you send the template and then send again, the previous engagement will then automatically be closed and will not allow the client access to it.

NOTE:  We do not recommend enabling this option in Fact Finding templates that connect a large number of elements to the client's profile.

Multiple engagements sending data to the profile simultaneously may lead to unexpected results and incorrect client profile data.

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