Clients are dying to have this question answered. A quick visit to a popular personal finance website will make this apparent as there seems to be an article or advertisement addressing the question at least once a week.

And with reason! Billions of dollars in rewards are given away to cardholders every year. Some cards are even so generous as to pay out thousands of dollars every year in rewards benefits to cardholders who were savvy enough to find them and apply for a card.

Your clients don't know how to pick the card that is right for them. They know that they want to participate in receiving what amounts to "free money", but they need your help. We put together the "Do I have the best credit card?" template so that you can efficiently reach out to all of your clients with a simple click of a button. By asking a few basic questions, you can quickly and easily make a recommendation that will make you look like a hero.

Remember, the PreciseFP Form Template Library contains a collection of templates that you can use with clients and prospects all year long, touching them with offers to dive into financial topics that they care about. It's better than marketing. It doesn't have a "salesy" feel to it since you are helping them with their issues head-on. Clients and prospects want help, they don't want to be sold. So help them get the best deals first. The sales will come naturally.

This template can be used as is and can also be customized.  

You can click on the template from the library to open it in preview mode to see what your client will see.  From the preview you can even print the template as is.

To engage your client with this template you will need to first add it to My Templates.  You can do this by clicking on the template in the library and then clicking on the Install template button on the template details.

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