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How to Create a Password-less Template

Create form templates that do not require a password (Low Level Security) Great for surveys, lead gen, risk tolerance, etc.

Updated over a week ago

To create a new password-less template go to Templates > My Templates (under Form Template)> Click on the + button in the upper right hand corner

Select a thumbnail photo, title, description, category and set the Security Level to low (green highlight)

Once done click on the Create button.

You'll then be taken to the editor where you can build your pages/fields/groups for your template.

Important! - 

Low security templates may be connected to low security dataset fields (name, email, phones, address, gender and birthdate)

The data added to these fields will flow to the client profile. 

Low security templates will never be pre-filled (not even low security connected elements)

Low security templates can have all elements except e-signature

Low security templates save data the same way as high security ones (real time)

Low security templates published for the web will always generate a new prospect, even if the user filling it in is already a client or prospect.
       - The reason behind this is both technical and related with security.  On the technical side, the account must exist before any of the  data gets saved. That means that when the visitor fills in the first fields, we will always create a new account in order to save that field. And in regards to security, if we would allow any visitor to fill in an engagement with the name, email address as someone else, and then "merge" that with already existing data, as the PreciseFP user, you would have no way of identifying it and it would be very easy to impersonate someone else..

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