Note: You only have to enable the integration in PreciseFP, you do not have to enable the integration at NaviPlan. We currently integrate with NaviPlan Essentials only at this time but we have already prepared the integration to work with NaviPlan Enterprise. Once Advicent makes their API available for NaviPlan Enterprise users, our integration will be ready.

To connect your NaviPlan account in PreciseFP:

Click on your profile picture on the left side navigation (if you don't have a profile picture uploaded it will be a circle icon) Then click on the Integrations. Click on the NaviPlan box.

Click on Enable this integration

You will then be prompted to input your API key. If you do not have this you'll want to reach out to NaviPlan's support team. Once you've input your API key click on the Enable button.

You should now see the NaviPlan integration as enabled.

To export new client/prospect data into NaviPlan from PreciseFP

Go to your client/prospects account from the accounts menu by clicking on their name. When the account details open click on the export button.

Choose NaviPlan from the list.

You can then choose to export to a brand new record (check the box where the red arrow is pointed) or you can search for an existing clients record in NaviPlan (where the green arrow points, enter in your clients last name) and sync it to the existing record. Once you're ready click on the Export button.

You'll then see a full log of the information that did (or did not if there is missing data PreciseFP will tell you) export over.

Click close or the X in the upper right hand corner to close the export details panel. You'll now see the last activity as your export to NaviPlan. This will also be logged in the clients activity timeline.

To import data from NaviPlan into PreciseFP

Click on Accounts from the left side navigation then All Accounts. Click on the + icon in the upper right hand corner.

Click on the Import tab. Choose client or prospect then choose NaviPlan.

Enter in the last name of the client you wish to import into PreciseFP

Check the box to the left of the client/prospects name that you wish to import them click on the Import button.

You'll now see the import log letting you know the client/prospect was imported in successfully.

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