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The overall effectiveness of implementing the PreciseFP platform depends on the users' individual levels of familiarity and comfort with the system.

To help your team make the most of your investment in PreciseFP, we include the following virtual training sessions at no extra charge:


  • One (1) -- Introduction to PreciseFP Demo (30 minutes)

  • One (1) -- Success Coaching Session (30 minutes)

  • One (1) -- Implementation Session (30 minutes)

  • Two (2) -- Troubleshooting Sessions (30 minutes each)

Feel free to adjust or rearrange your training sessions. However, out of consideration for our time, any missed sessions (absence without prior notice) will be counted as part of your allocated support sessions.

Unless stated differently, our Enterprise Clients will be granted a 2-hour onboarding support period with a specialized PreciseFP expert following the signing of the contract. This assistance will be delivered in 30-minute increments.

Additional training or consulting services not previously specified may incur additional charges.

Always-Free, Ongoing Support

We also provide a range of resources you can access any time for self-guided support:

Why do we not provide a telephone number?

We have observed that 95% of the inquiries we receive can be effectively addressed through chat or communication. Our commitment to quick responses via chat and email not only ensures timely help but also presents a more cost-effective option than voice interactions. As a result, these operational savings are passed on to you, the financial professional, allowing you to benefit from reduced costs. With an impressive average of 98% customer satisfaction and a swift response time of under 45 seconds, we encourage you to give our chat service a try.

Chat:  You can chat with us via our website or through your dashboard by clicking on the green chat icon in the lower right hand corner.

On our website

Within the application

Click on Chat with us

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