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Estate Planning

Estate Planning Engagement: Your Comprehensive Guide

Updated over a week ago

Welcome to the latest addition to PreciseFP โ€“ our Estate Planning Engagement! We understand the importance of effective legacy planning and want to make this process smoother for both you and your clients. This article will walk you through the different elements of our new engagement, designed to initiate crucial conversations about estate planning and offer your clients personalized service.

**Key Elements of the Estate Planning Engagement:**

1. **Introduction to Estate Planning:**

- We begin by introducing the fundamental aspects of estate planning, emphasizing its significance in securing the future for your clients and their beneficiaries.

2. **Opportunity for Personalized Service:**

- PreciseFP's Estate Planning Engagement provides a platform for you to offer your dedicated service and time to address each unique issue. This personalized approach ensures that your clients receive tailored advice based on their specific needs and concerns.

3. **Uploading Important Documents:**

- We understand that estate planning involves crucial documents such as wills. Our engagement allows clients to securely upload important documents directly to our platform. This ensures that your office has quick and convenient access to essential information, facilitating a more efficient and organized process.

**How to Introduce the Estate Planning Engagement:**

1. **Send a Personalized Message:**

- Begin by sending a personalized message to your clients, expressing the importance of estate planning and introducing PreciseFP's Estate Planning Engagement as a valuable resource.

2. **Highlight the Benefits:**

- Emphasize the benefits of engaging in estate planning discussions, including the opportunity to address concerns, prevent potential family conflicts, and protect the best interests of all involved parties.

3. **Encourage Document Upload:**

- Encourage clients to use the engagement to upload important documents like wills. Assure them that this information will be securely stored, streamlining the planning process and providing a centralized repository for future reference.

4. **Offer Your Expertise:**

- Reassure clients that your expertise as their advisor uniquely positions you to guide them through the estate planning journey. Let them know you are here to answer any questions and provide the support they need.


PreciseFP's Estate Planning Engagement is not just a tool; it's a comprehensive solution designed to facilitate meaningful conversations about legacy planning. By introducing this engagement, you demonstrate your commitment to your clients' long-term financial well-being. Embrace this opportunity to enhance your client relationships and streamline the estate planning process. We look forward to supporting you and your clients in this crucial aspect of financial planning.

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