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Tax Return Submission Engagement

Streamline tax return submission with PreciseFP, securely gathering 2023 returns for Holistiplan analysis.

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Efficient Tax Return Submission: A Seamless Process with PreciseFP


Submitting tax returns just got easier and more efficient with PreciseFP! This guide will walk you through the streamlined process of securely collecting your clients' 2023 tax returns, creating a seamless workflow that seamlessly integrates with Holistiplan for in-depth analysis. With early engagement, you'll set the stage for effective tax planning for the 2024 season.

Why PreciseFP?

PreciseFP provides a secure and scalable solution to gather tax returns, offering a perfect complement to Holistiplan. By leveraging this engagement, you can securely obtain your clients' 2023 tax returns, initiating a hassle-free upload to Holistiplan for thorough analysis. This sets the foundation for informed decision-making, allowing you to share results, schedule meetings, or collaborate with clients' CPAs.

The Process

1. Initiate Early Engagement:

- Start the tax return submission process early to maximize its impact on 2024 tax planning.

- Encourage clients to provide their 2023 tax returns promptly for a proactive approach.

2. Securely Collect Tax Returns:

- Utilize PreciseFP's secure platform to collect 2023 tax returns from clients.

- Ensure confidentiality and data security throughout the submission process.

3. Holistiplan:

- Seamlessly upload the collected tax returns to Holistiplan for comprehensive analysis.

- Leverage Holistiplan's powerful features to gain valuable insights into your clients' financial landscapes.

4. Strategic Decision-Making:

- Use the analyzed data to formulate effective tax strategies for the upcoming year.

- Identify opportunities and potential challenges to better serve your clients' financial goals.

5. Communication and Collaboration:

- Share the results with clients, fostering transparent communication.

- Schedule meetings to discuss findings and align on tailored financial strategies.

- Collaborate seamlessly with clients' CPAs by sharing the analyzed data securely.

Customize Your Experience

Feel free to customize this engagement to align with your brand and preferences. Adjust colors, fonts, logos, and even add your signature for a personalized touch.


By harnessing the power of PreciseFP for tax return submission, you set the stage for effective financial planning. Early engagement, combined with seamless integration with Holistiplan, ensures that you stay ahead of the curve for the 2024 tax season. Simplify your workflow, enhance client collaboration, and make informed decisions โ€“ all with PreciseFP. Start the process today!

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