e-Signatures on Form Templates

Clients can electronically sign Form Templates they submit to their advisor. (e-Signature is for clients/prospects only)

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Advanced Electronic Signatures

PreciseFP complies with AES requirements under the U.S. ESIGN Act and the eIDAS by controlling access to the signer’s electronic signature creation data during the e-signing workflow. We certify the document and provide you a detailed audit trail that includes the signer’s IP address, the signature timestamp, and all other relevant information to ensure a proper signature attribution.

· Prior to signing, the signer is identified and provides his or her name and email address. This information is securely added to PreciseFP as part of the electronic signature creation data. A unique signature identifier (USID) associated to the signer is created and added to the electronic signature creation data in PreciseFP.

· The signer must enter PreciseFP by successful authentication through one of PreciseFP's supported authentication methods or access points.

· Once authenticated, the signer enters an online session with the PreciseFP engagement and executes one or more acts of signing as required.

· Each electronic signature is created with the signer’s electronic signature creation data, which is only accessible through authentication plus signature time and date stamps, as well as meta-data related to the electronic signature session.

· Each electronic signature is then secured by a digital signature.

Note: The e-Signature element can only be added to template pages and cannot be added to the Welcome or Thank You page.  It also cannot be added to a low security level template The e-Signature is not stored in the Profile but rather on the individual engagement.  This requires your client to e-Sign the engagement each time it is sent to them.   The e-Signatures can not be applied to any documents that you may attach to a PreciseFP template.  If you have a document/agreement that needs to be e-signed you would have to re-create it in PreciseFP in order for it to be signed.  The e-Signature is for client/prospect use only and cannot be used by the advisor or other staff to e-Sign an engagement.

To add an e-Signature form element to a form template

While in the editor of your template you will need to add it into a new element box.  If you do not have an area anywhere in your template with an open cell, please refer to this tutorial showing how you can add a new field into an existing template.

Label:  This is seen by the client.  An example that you could place in the label: "Please sign below"
Signer:  Who is the intended signer in this signature element
Input:  Choose whether you want your client to be able to draw, type or both.
Certification**:  PreciseFP will generate a certificate of completion with information related with the signing process.  The signed document will not allow future modifications and will include a PreciseFP Digital Trust Certificate.
Mandatory Field:  If "Yes" is marked, the client cannot submit their engagement unless the e-Signature field is filled out.
Block Field Updates:  Block the client's ability to modify this field if it already contains data
Print Visibility:  Select if this element will be visible on screen, on print or both.
Once you're done editing click on the Create button.  

Note: The e-Signature field does not work when doing a preview of the form.  There will also automatically be a date placed under the signature line as well as the full name of the person who is the signer.

How the e-Signature field looks to your client

The client can either type in their name which will display in a script type font (if you allowed typing).

Or, they can click on Draw and sign the document (if you allowed them to draw their signature).

Once they have e-signed they can click on Save.
They will then see their signature placed on the engagement along with capturing the date and time that they signed.

After the client submits the engagement they will be presented with an option to download their signed engagement to a PDF.

Viewing the e-Signature information in the dashboard 

You can view the clients e-signature by clicking on Engagements > All Engagements (under Form Engagements), click on the clients Engagements to open the Engagement details panel.

You will be able to see who signed, the date and time of the signature and the label of you e-signature field.  Click on the e-signature entry to download it as a PDF or you can click on the View Engagement button to view the e-signature.

 There will also be a log of the e-Signature in the clients timeline.

**If you enabled the Certify Signed Document option, a gold badge icon will appear.  If you click on this the certificate for this document will then appear.

Note: Having the PDF certified with PreciseFP's certificate is an optional step.

For standard agreements such as the Service Agreement, IPS templates, etc. it is usually not a requirement.

When the option is enabled, a certificate of completion is generated that includes the activity log of the signing process. It also adds PreciseFP's certificate to the PDF to match the certificate of completion to the document itself. Because PreciseFP's certificate is not included in Adobe's PDF reader by default, it needs to be added as a trusted certificate the first time a user opens a PDF signed with it. 

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