Please note that only attachments/document uploads export to these integrations.  Client data from their account or engagements do NOT export.  Also, once you've enabled any of these integrations and a client attaches a file to their engagement, the file(s) will automatically export to that integration, you do not need to manually click on export.  However, if you enabled the integration after someone completed an engagement that has attachments, there are steps down below how to manually export.  

To enable the Google Drive, or Dropbox integration navigate to Settings > Integrations.  Click on the integration that you wish to enable.

For Google Drive and you can choose the title for your folder your files will upload to.

Click on the Enable this integration button.

Each integration will have step-by-step prompts to properly set up the integration.  Once complete the Integration box will show as enabled.


To export files to Google Drive,, Dropbox  

Click on any client/prospect account then click on the Export button on the account details panel.  

**Reminder: Only attachments will be able to exported.  Profile data will not export.

Choose where to export the files

Click on the export button

Your files will now be successfully exported.

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