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Data Importing And Exporting
Data Importing And Exporting
Instructions on how to import and export data from various integrations.
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Docupace Quick Start Integration
Docupace Mapping Table
fp alpha
AdvisorEngine Mapping Table
AdvisorEngine Integration Overview
Docupace Client and Document Export
Charles Schwab Integration
Charles Schwab Mapping Table
Practifi (Naya) Mapping Table
NaviPlan Essentials Mapping Table
NaviPlan Enterprise Mapping Table
NaviPlan Integration Overview
AdvicePay Integration Overview
AdvicePay Mapping Table
How to import financial accounts from Blueleaf that can't be identified
How to identify Blueleaf financial accounts by account number
Blueleaf Mapping Table
Asset-map Integration Overview
Blueleaf Integration Overview
Asset-map Mapping Table
Practifi Integration Overview
Practifi Mapping Table
Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Mapper
Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Mapping Table
XLR8 Mapping Table
XLR8 Integration Overview
Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Integration Overview
Redtail Mapper
Wealthbox Mapper
XLR8 Mapper
DocuSign Integration
Salesforce Enterprise Edition Mapper
Integration Partners
TD Ameritrade Institutional Mapping Table
TD Ameritrade Institutional Integration
Share documents to Google Drive,, Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive and CITRIX ShareFile
Wealthbox Mapping Table
MoneyGuide Mapping Table
Salesforce Enterprise Mapping Table
eMoney Mapping Table
SmartOffice Mapping Table
Redtail Mapping Table
PreciseFP Bulk Importer
Collegiate Funding Solutions
SmartOffice Integration Overview
MoneyGuide Integration Overview
Redtail Integration Overview
PDF, XLS & CSV Export Overview
eMoney Integration Overview
Salesforce Enterprise Integration Overview
Wealthbox Integration Overview
Salesforce Version Location