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SmartOffice Integration Overview
SmartOffice Integration Overview

With our integration partner, SmartOffice, you can send information and also receive information into your PreciseFP account.

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To turn on this integration (only needs to be done once in PreciseFP, you do not need to set up the integration in SmartOffice) go to Settings (your profile pictures) on the left side navigation. Click on Integrations

Click on the SmartOffice box

Click on Enable this Integration

Enter in your SmartOffice credentials (if you are unsure of what your Office name is you will want to reach out to SmartOffice for this information)

Once you've entered in your credentials click on Enable.
Once you're successfully enabled you'll get a confirmation and the SmartOffice box will show as Enabled

To Export a Client Account

Click on a client/prospect account then click on the export button.

Then choose SmartOffice

Then click on the green export button.


If this is a client that isn't yet connected to an existing record you'll have the option to either export as a new record or you can search for client records from the search bar and connect them to an existing record.

Click on export and after a few seconds the record will then be exported over to SmartOffice.

To Import a Client Account

Go to Account then All Accounts and click on the + icon in the upper right hand corner.

Click on the Import tab then choose if they are to be listed as a client or prospect then select SmartOffice.


Enter in the clients last name from SmartOffice in the search bar, then check the box to the left of their name and click on the Import button.  This client will then be imported in from SmartOffice into PreciseFP.

*Note: the client must be listed as head of household and have a preferred email on file in SmartOffice in order for them to appear in your search, if one or both of those is not present on their record their name will not show up in the search

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