DocuSign Integration

How to enable and use the DocuSign Integration with PreciseFP

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How to enable the integration

Note: The Docusign integration works with PDF templates only!

To turn on this integration (only needs to be done once in PreciseFP) click on your profile picture in the lower left hand corner, then select Integrations and click on the DocuSign integration box. 

Click “Enable this integration” in the integration details panel and login into your DocuSign account. 

You will be asked to grant permission to PreciseFP to create and send envelopes and obtain links on your behalf. Once that is done, the integration will be enabled.

Please note: Our integration with DocuSign is enabled using oAuth. It does not store any identifiable fields like name or email. We only keep an "access token" to use with the integration. The option to open DocuSign will send the user to their inbox, where all the latest documents should show ( Here you are also able to search by envelope ID.

To learn how to add an eSignature element to a PDF template please visit this help article. To learn how to engage a client with a PDF template and how to then choose DocuSign as the eSignature provider visit this help article.

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