e-Signature on PDF Templates
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To include electronic signatures in the PDF Template, open the PDF Mapper and click the + in the upper right hand navigation menu.

Select one of the four available e-Signature fields. You can only map one field at a time.

  1. Signature - A field that will contain an image of the signature added by the signee.

  2. Initials - A field that will contain an image of the initials added by the signee.

  3. Signer - A field that will contain the name of the signee.

  4. Signed date - A field that will contain the date the Signature was added by the signee.

Please review this help article on creating group logic within the elements for the field group and name.

Once added, signature fields are highlighted orange. You are able to move and resize these fields in the page.

Click on the e-Signature element to either edit or remove it.

Important note: Signers of PDF engagements must be identified by their own individual email addresses. If not, the digital signature would lose it's value.

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