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Engaging with a PDF

Send a client/prospect a pre-filled PDF Template for them to sign only or generate a pre-filled PDF

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Important Information

PDF Engagements are sent to the client/prospect to collect a signature only. As such, they will not be able to edit or add to the contents of the PDF engagement outside of signing.

Users of PreciseFP will be able to edit the PDF Engagement prior to sending for signatures.

Gather data to pre-fill a PDF Engagement with a Form Engagement. These can send gathered data to the Account Profile to pre-fill a later created PDF engagement, or you can associate the Form Template fields directly to the PDF Template fields and set up an automated process to pre-fill and eSign up to five PDFs after completion of the Form Engagement. Click here for more information on this process.

Getting Started

To engage a client/prospect with up to 5 PDF templates, select the desired account and then click the green Engage > With a PDF dropdown:

Select your PDF Templates to include (Note you can use the same template more than once when engaging with PDF Templates):

Next you will be prompted to select with whose information each group on the PDF should pre-fill with from the account you are engaging:

Finally, select your participants for the eSignature fields on your PDF Template, if any.

Toggle 'Capture e-signatures' to 'No' if you would only like to pre-fill the PDF.

Select your e-Signature provide, if gathering e-Signatures. A selection of DocuSign would require integrating with your DocuSign account.

These dropdowns will show client, co-client (if applicable), Advisor (PreciseFP user's information), or Custom Signer by default.

Add a Custom Signer to a PDF Engagement if a contact you would like to e-Sign the document does not appear as an option in the 'Signers for Account Opening' dropdowns.

A single PDF engagement cannot be sent to two separate signers that share the same email address.

PreciseFP uses the email as the identifier of the signer and does not support 2 pdf engagements open at the same time for two different signers using the same email address. It is important in this case to complete the first engagement before creating the next.

Pre-filling your PDF Engagement:

Once the PDF engagement is created, you will be able to prefill in any information that could not automatically pre-fill. This process must be completed before sending the PDF to be electronically signed. If the PDF templates used require any supporting documents, you will be able to upload them in this step.

Fields set as required will have a red asterisk on their left when editing the contents of the PDF engagement. If one is missed when pre-filling, you will receive a confirmation when clicking 'Finish'.

Once you are done prefilling/viewing the PDF, click on the Finish button in the lower right hand corner:

After you've clicked 'Finish', if the PDF contains upload elements, you will be prompted to upload any attachments to the engagement.

Set a Routing Order for your e-signatures in Engagement details by clicking 'View signers' prior to sending for e-signature:

Sending for e-Signature:

When all documents have been filled in and reviewed, you can send them for e-signature in Engagement details.

The system will send emails to all signers with instructions on how to access and sign all PDF documents present in the Engagement.

Reviewing/Editing a PDF Engagement:

The Engagement details panel will show you information about the engagement:

  • View the PDFs as the recipient will see them by clicking 'View Documents'.

  • Click 'View Signers' to see the status of each signer or, if the engagement has not been accessed yet, edit signer information, re-send the email to a specific signer, or close out a specific signer

  • Click 'Customize Emails' to edit the emails for this engagement

  • Close the engagement manually

  • Review or create internal notes under Notes

  • View actions taken for this engagement since its creation under the Timeline header

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