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How to Engage an account with a PDF

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Note: A PDF template does not go to the client for them to input data. If you're wanting the client to input data you would need to engage them with a form template instead. You can associate up to 5 PDF's per form template so that the data from the form template can then fill out the PDF.

To engage a client or prospect account with up to 5 PDF templates, select the desired account and then click the “Engage” button in the Account details panel. Select “with a PDF” in the dropdown menu

The next step will allow you to select up to 5 PDF templates for the engagement. You can use the same PDF template multiple times. The list will present the latest 5 templates used as well as the 5 latest templates you created or installed. If the template you want to use is not present, use the search bar at the top to find it.

The following screen will allow you to pre-fill the PDF templates with information present in the client or prospect account. Simply select the persons in each of the different dropdowns and the system will fill the PDF with their personal/contact information.

The final screen will allow you to configure electronic signatures. If you only wish to pre-fill the PDF documents of the engagement, just disable the electronic signatures by selecting No under Capture e-signatures (red highlight). Depending on the PDF templates selected, you might have several options of electronic signature providers (blue highlight). Choose the provider and authentication method (green highlight), and select the signers for each PDF document below. The system will automatically show options for the client, co-client (if existing), yourself (the advisor), and a custom signer. If a specific document needs to be signed by a person not present in the dropdown, select “custom signer” and input the name, email and mobile number of the signer.


Always double check the contact information of each signer. After the engagement is sent for e-signature, the signers cannot be modified and you would have to restart the process to fix any wrong information.

Once the PDF engagement is created, you will be able to prefill in any information that could not be automatically filled. This process must be completed before sending the PDF to be electronically signed. If the PDF templates used require any supporting documents, you will be able to upload them in this step.

Once you are done prefilling/viewing the PDF click on the Finish button in the lower right hand corner.

After you've clicked Finish, if the PDF contains upload elements, you will be prompted to upload any attachments to the engagement.

Finally, when all documents have been filled in and reviewed, you can send them for e-signature. The system will send emails to all signers with instructions on how to access and sign all PDF documents present in the Engagement.

The Engagement details panel will show you a timeline with information about the status of each signer and once all have completed, the full documentation as well as a certificate of completion will be made available for download.

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