Account Profile

Client or prospect account profile

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The account profile allows you to view and manage the data collected for each account. 

The profile is split into multiple pages on different aspects of the financial profile. Each page contains groups of information and some groups allow you to add multiple entries. Data belonging specifically to the client or the co-client is also clearly marked. 

When accessing the profile after it has been updated via an engagement or by another team member, the updated fields will be marked with a green icon to be able to easily identify most recent changes to the profile.

You can also view the history of changes to the client profile.

NOTE: Data from an engagement that has connected elements (connected to the dataset/profile) will move from the engagement to the account profile. If the template does not contain connected fields the data from the template resides in the template and does not move to the account profile. The benefit of this is to have data store in the profile which can then export to an integration partner depending on the integration as well as be used to prefill engagements.

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