Form Element Connection

The ability to connect existing elements on a form template to the dataset (client profile)

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**Best practice:  It is best to create your dataset elements first and then copy the pages or groups from the dataset into your template, however, if you happen to create elements in your template that you want to have connected to the dataset/profile, you can do so.

The benefit of connecting a form template element to the dataset/profile is that if there is data on file in this field within the profile, it will be prefilled out on the engagement when you send it to the client. Please note that the prefilling of data will only occur on high security level templates.

Locate your element on your form template while in the editor.  Click on it then click on the pencil icon to edit it.

In the connection dropdown you will want to choose which dataset element you wish to connect this form template element to.

Once you've made your selection your connection will now show in the box.

You can also click on the show synchronization button under the connection drop down where you can choose if you want the data within this element to loaded (prefilled) from the profile, saved to the profile only or both. Any new connection that you make will also default to be selected as both.

Once you're done you can click on the green save changes button.

You'll now see this icon in the upper right hand corner of your element on your template.

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