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Engaging with a Form

How to engage an account with a form

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To engage a client or prospect account with a Form, select the desired account and then click the “Engage” button in the Account details panel. Select “with a Form” in the dropdown menu.

The first step to engage with a Form is selecting the Form template to use. The list will present the latest 5 templates used as well as the 5 latest templates you created or installed. If the template you want to use is not present, use the search bar at the top to find it.

The second step will allow you to customize the description of the engagement. The description is internal and will not be seen by your client or prospect. Use it to easily identify the engagement later on. If the engaged account includes a co-client, you will be able to select the Primary contact. The Primary contact is the one used by the system to pre-fill the engagement whenever possible. It is also the contact that will receive the engagement. In some cases, you may want to give permission to a secondary contact (usually the co-client) to access the same engagement. If so, check the Secondary contact option.

You'll also want to select your authentication method. It defaults to select Password authentication.

Finally, select if you wish to send the engagement immediately or if you want to review and edit it before sending. When selecting to send immediately, you’ll be given the option to customize the email messages.

Engaging Multiple Clients at Once

Please note there is a limit of 50 engagements that can be created at one time. If you attempt to create more than this at once, you will receive an error.

If you would like to engage several clients/prospects with the same template, you have two options:

  • Start in Accounts > All Accounts, check the boxes next to the account records you would like to engage, then use the 'Engage' option from the menu at the top to engage everyone selected

    • Please note this will engage only the Client on the account profile

  • Start in Engagements > All Engagements, then click the green '+' button in the upper right-hand corner, select the template, then type in the names of the clients/prospects you would like to engage before proceeding

    • Each person selected will receive their own engagement

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