Client and Co-client
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An account must have a main client (the head of the household) included. Optionally, the spouse/partner may be added as the co-client. 

To add a co-client to an existing account go to Accounts > All Accounts > Click on your clients Account > click on Add co-client to manually enter in a Co-client

A first name, last name and email address are required to create them as a co-client. The same email address for both clients can be used. Click on Save Changes to have the co-client added to the account.

You can also merge two individual accounts together by clicking on the merge account link.

Search for the account, click on their name then click on the Proceed button.

Both the client and co-client can then be engaged with a Form Template to add, review and update information.  

When viewing the details of an account, the client and co-client appear at the top of the details panel.

Operations relevant to the co-client are available when clicking the “v” on the top right corner of the co-client details panel.

Removing the co-client from the account removes them completely and this operation cannot be undone. When splitting a client/co-client, a new account for the co-client gets created. Profile data in client/co-client pages will be split accordingly. Household data will be duplicated on both accounts. All engagements stay with the original (client) account.

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