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Form Template PDF Mapper

Mapping a PDF to your Form Template

Updated over a week ago

To map a PDF to a form template you'll first need to go into the editor of your form template. Click on the PDF icon in the upper right hand toolbar.

Select your PDF from your My Templates (under PDF Templates) that you want mapped to this form template.

Once you've located your PDF click on it then you'll see the PDF associated with the Form Template as selected.

You can have up to 5 PDFs associated with one form template. Simply click on the Add PDF button to add more PDF's.

You can choose to configure the filling of the PDF's as well by clicking on the Configure button which ultimately sets a condition as to when the PDF should be filled. For example, if you have 3 IRAs (Traditional, Sep, Roth), you can map those and then say something like: Pre-fill this PDF only if Type (field in form) = IRA

Once you're done click on the Save changes button.

You can now go to each of your fields within the template and map them to a corresponding field on your PDF. To do this click on your template element and then click on the PDF icon.

This drop down will show you all available fields that you can map to your PDF. Select your PDF field from the field drop down.

In this case I'm mapping the First Name field on my Form Template to a field that I have in my PDF for client name. I need to click on the Add button to select if it should be for the client or co-client or I can click add twice and have both added here. Once done click on Save Changes.

My form element will now show a PDF icon which indicates it's mapped to my PDF template.

If you have placed e-signature elements on your PDF template then the underlying PDF will be sent to the client either vs PreciseFP or DocuSign for them to eSign. To set up the route of the filled out PDF after completion of your form template, while in the template editor click on the PDF icon once more.

You'll now be able to select who the signers should be, who the signature provider should be (either PreciseFP or DocuSign) and the e-signature authentication. Click on Save changes once you are done.

You can now engage your client/prospect with this form template. Please note that they will not see the underlying PDF. The PDF will be the end result (which can then be sent to them to e-sign if you have e-signature elements on the PDF template), filled out with the data that you have mapped to it from your Form Template.

You can then view the PDF engagement by going to Engagements > All Engagements (under PDF engagements) and click on the engagement. You can click on the View Documents button to view the PDF of the engagement.

If you had selected DocuSign as the eSignature provider on the PDF template that you associated with the form template you'll have the list of who the signers are and the status.

For PreciseFP signature you'll be able to also see who the signers are and their status as well as download all documents including the PDF and the certificate of completion.

*NOTE: If you have made a connection to a dataset on any PDF fields, please note that you will still be required to have a template element and map that to your corresponding PDF element. Even though the PDF template has a dataset connection, the requirement of this field on the form template supersedes the dataset connection.

When you have a PDF engagement being created from a Form engagement, there isn't an option to "select" the "Persons" to fill the PDF engagement with. That is a manual process that only happens when you engage with the PDF manually.

Mapped PDFs in Form templates will completely ignore any "connection" set in the PDF template and use the connections mapped in the Form.

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