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How to identify Blueleaf financial accounts by account number
How to identify Blueleaf financial accounts by account number

How to configure the Blueleaf integration to identify client/prospect financial accounts by account number instead of account name.

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Please note that this feature is only available for company admins.

PreciseFP does not store financial account numbers by default. In order to store account numbers, you need to create an "Account Number" field in your Dataset for each financial account type.

This article will show you the steps required to identify 401K accounts by account number. You can repeat these steps for any account type you wish.

Navigate to your Dataset and open the "Retirement Plans" page.

Select the "Name" field and click the button to "Add a column to the right".

Select the new empty column and click the button "Add Element".

Choose the "Text Field" element type.

Give a title to your new element and click "Create".

Now that we have the new dataset field for the 401K Account Number, lets map it to the Blueleaf integration. Navigate to your integration settings and open the Blueleaf Integration Mapper.

Click the "Add new field" button under the 401K map.

Select the "Account Number" field and the newly created "Account Number" dataset connection using the dropdowns. Once you are done, click "Save Changes".

You will now see the new mapped field in the 401K group. The integration will now use this field to identify financial accounts instead of using the "Account Name".

Repeat the steps above for any other account type available in our Blueleaf integration.

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