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Salesforce Enterprise Integration Overview
Salesforce Enterprise Integration Overview

A bi-directional integration with Salesforce CRM.

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Important information

The integration is for Enterprise and Unlimited Editions. If you are using a different version of Salesforce, please select it under the "Version" dropdown.

To see which version of Salesforce you are using, please visit this help article for guidance

This integration makes use of the contact Title field (In Salesforce contacts, there is a field called "title". This is the field we use to identify CLIENT/COCLIENT/CHILD  These do need to be in all caps when in the contact title field)  Do not change the contact title from contacts exported to Salesforce. Doing so may result in integration errors.  

To turn on this integration (only needs to be done once in PreciseFP, you do not need to set up the integration in Salesforce) click on your profile picture in the lower left (circle icon) and then click on Integrations and then the Salesforce box.

Allow access

Note: The allow access prompt is only asked once by Salesforce.  Salesforce then remembers the choice.  The integration should be enabled just by entering the username and password for future enabling.  

Enter in your Salesforce credentials

To export to Salesforce

Go to a client/prospects account.  Click on the Export button and choose Salesforce.

Note: We do not integrate directly at the Contact Level. When exporting from PreciseFP, this integration will create an 'Account' in Salesforce with individuals being created as 'Contacts' under the account.

Next you will have the option to sync this client with an existing client if one exists in Salesforce (by entering the clients last name in the search box) or you can create a brand new record.  After you’ve made your choice click on the Export button.  

You will now see a record for this client/propsect in Salesforce if they were a brand new record or an update if they already existed in Salesforce

To import data from Salesforce into PreciseFP.

Click on Accounts from the left side navigation and then All Accounts.  Click on the + in the upper right hand corner.

Click on the Import tab and then choose Salesforce

Choose the account type you're importing, either prospect or client.  Then enter your clients last name in the search box.

**This integration makes use of the Contact Title field to identify PreciseFP clients, co-clients, children and other contacts. Do not change the contact title from contacts exported to Salesforce. Doing so may result in integration errors.**

Once you've located your clients account click the box to the left of their name and then choose import.

Note:  This integration is for Salesforce Enterprise and Unlimited Editions only.

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