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Blueleaf Integration Overview
Blueleaf Integration Overview

An import-only integration with Blueleaf.

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To turn on this integration (only needs to be done once in PreciseFP, you do not need to set up the integration in Blueleaf) click on your profile picture in the lower left hand corner, then select Integrations and click on the Blueleaf integration box.

Click the "Enable this Integration" button.

The system will ask you for your Blueleaf API token. You can find your token at the bottom of your Blueleaf User Settings page.

After inputting your token, click "Enable". If your token is valid, the integration will now be enabled.

Remember that:

Your clients must share the same email address in Blueleaf and PreciseFP.

Your client's financial accounts must share the same name and account type in Blueleaf and PreciseFP.

By default, the integration will not create Blueleaf financial accounts that do not exist in PreciseFP with the same name.

The integration will run once every day. If you wish to run the integration manually, open the "Blueleaf Mapper" and click the "Import" button.

Every time the integration runs, a new entry is added to the recent activity in your dashboard. Clicking in this activity will show you statistics on the clients that were identified, the financial accounts that were matched, and the ones that were created/updated. (Remember that if an account balance does not change, it will not be updated).

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