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Collegiate Funding Solutions

Our integration with CFS EZ College Planning.

Updated over a week ago

Collegiate Funding Solutions' EZ College Planning allows you to quickly and efficiently identify and assess strategies for helping your clients save ON, not just for college costs.

*Please note that a subscription with PreciseFP and CFS is required.

To enable the integration, click on the Settings button (circle icon in the lower left) then click on Integrations. Click on the CFS box.

Click on enable this integration.

Enter in your CFS credentials (remember, you must have a subscription to CFS)

Once this integration is enabled the EZ College Planning form for CFS will become available under Form Templates > My Templates.

You can click on the template to preview it.

Please note that this form cannot be customized nor can it be copied.

Please visit this help article to see how to engage a client with a form template.

Once your client completes the form you can review the completed engagement in PreciseFP and also locate the completed information within your CFS account. The information will show up immediately in CFS once your client completes the PreciseFP College Planning form template.

Due to the custom nature of the CFS form, it's not possible to use it for automation workflows. The CFS form is directly tied up with the user that enabled the integration while the automation works on a "team" level. Creating an automation on a "team" that might have advisors with no access to the CFS form would create issues.

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