Please view our pricing page to see the costs for adding additional teams.

Users, client/prospect accounts, engagements, reports and templates belong to only one team.

An example of when multiple teams may be needed is if you have multiple advisors within your firm and each advisor has their own clients/prospects and chooses to use PreciseFP but wants to keep his/her clients/prospects separate from everyone else, another team would be created for this user so that all the advisor’s clients’ information is accessible only by him/her.

*Note* To change what is shown on your template emails, such as logo, contact information, etc., you'll want to update it on the team.

To manage your teams, click “teams” in the settings sub-navigation. Here you are able to create new teams (click the +), update existing teams (click on an existing team) and remove unnecessary teams (click on a team then click on remove).


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