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Risk Tolerance Questionnaire
Risk Tolerance Questionnaire

A scientifically validated Risk Tolerance Questionnaire (RTQ) that can be used with clients and prospects

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To view/use the Risk Tolerance Questionnaire (RTQ) go to Templates > Form Library under Form Templates. The Risk Tolerance is under the Surveys and polls category. You can also use the search bar at the top to locate it.

If you click on the template you can then choose to preview it and/or Add it to My Templates where you can then engage a client/prospect with it or customize it.

Once the client completes the RTQ, the risk score will then be stored in their profile.

(Clients view)

To view the score in your clients profile visit accounts, click on the clients name, click on Profile.

Click on the client details page and then scroll down until you find the Risk Score field.

To view your clients responses to the RTQ

Go to Engagements on the left side navigation.  You can make use of the search are to search for the engagement or you can locate it in the list under All Engagements.  Once located click on the engagement.

Click on the View Engagement button in the engagement details panel.

Once open in the preview you can click on the navigation button in the lower right hand corner to move to the next/prev pages.  

The score results and the grading scale will be displayed on the last page just as the client viewed it.

When you're done previewing the RTQ simply click on the X in the upper right hand corner.

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