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Client and Prospect Accounts: How to Create, Favorite, Archive, Convert and Remove.

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**Based on your user permissions set by the Company Admin, some or all of these may not be available to you**

The Accounts section lets you manage your client and prospect accounts. Each account holds all collected data for that specific household under the account profile. PreciseFP also tracks all activity on each account and displays it chronologically in the timeline panel.

Creating Client and Prospect Accounts

To create a new account, click the “+” button on the top right corner of the account list. You will be prompted to select between a prospect or client account and to enter the details of the client. If you wish to include the partner/spouse of your primary client, expand the co-client section and enter his/her details.

If you have enabled an integration with an import feature, you will be able to directly import an account from your connected software. Simply select the import tab, choose the integration, and search for the record you wish to import by last name.

You can also choose to do a bulk import of up to 100 client/prospect accounts at a time.

Favorite Accounts

PreciseFP allows you to favorite specific accounts so that you and your team members can quickly find important clients and prospects. To favorite an account, click the “star” icon in the row of the account you wish. You can also favorite multiple accounts by checking the desired rows and choosing “favorite” from the header toolbar. To unfavorite an account, repeat the process again.

Archived Accounts

To allow for a better organization of your accounts, PreciseFP lets you archive accounts that you wish to keep but are no longer relevant for your day-to-day activities. Archived accounts will not be displayed under prospects or clients and they are omitted from reports (unless when specifically selected).

To archive an account, check the box on the left of the desired row and choose “archive” from the header toolbar. 

To restore an account, find it under the archived list, check the box of the desired row and choose “restore” from the header toolbar. 

Converting Accounts

PreciseFP can convert your prospects into clients automatically via Pipeline flows but you can also do it manually. To convert an account from prospect to client or vice-versa, check the box on the desired row and choose “convert” from the header toolbar.

Removing Accounts

If you wish to completely remove all information for a specific account, check the box on the desired row and choose “remove” from the header toolbar. You will be prompted to input your password. Removing accounts is not available for all user roles. If you do not have the “remove” option available, contact your account administrator.
**Removing an account is an operation that cannot be undone. The account will be fully purged from the system.**

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