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Form Template groups

Groups allow you to organize the template elements in a cohesive manner

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Each template page may have multiple groups. In the below screenshot, 'Estate Planning Documents' and 'Other Information' are two separate groups on the 'Estate Planning' page of the Financial Fact Finder.

To add a new group, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “new group” button from within the template editor

You can then create a brand new blank group

Or import in an existing group from the dataset or another existing form template.

Any form template group can then be edited, copied or removed by hovering over it and

then a toolbar will appear to the right of it.

The group details button

Here you can edit the title of the group, description, and other settings as well as being able to move this group to another page within the template.

Add more button

In some situations, you may want to collect several instances of the same information. To achieve this, enable the “add more button” option in the desired group. When this option is enabled, an “Add more” button will be placed at the bottom right of the group that, when clicked, will add a new empty row with all the elements of the group.

Common examples of groups that require an “add more” button are “Family members”, “Insurance Policies”, “Bank accounts”, “Loans”, and any other types of information that your client or prospect may have more than one of.

While in the template editor, you can hover over a group to show a collection of dots on the left side of the group. Click and drag by these dots to move your group around on the page, or use the 'Send to Top' option to put the group at the very top of the page.

Note: There is a limit of 40 groups per page.

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