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Form Template elements

How to add, edit or remove form template elements

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Elements are the most granular object of your template. They can be input elements, that allow the client or prospect to input data, or graphical elements, that only display information to the client or prospect. A template element must always be placed in a group and you can easily resize and move elements to fit your needs.

To add a new element, you must first find or add an empty cell in the desired group from within the template editor. To add a new empty cell, click any element close to where you want the new empty cell. The clicked element will be highlighted in blue and the element toolbar will appear above it (in Red). From here, you can add a new empty row below by clicking on the down arrow (in green) or adding a new cell directly to the right by clicking the arrow pointing to the right (in blue)

Once you have an empty cell, click it, and click the “+” button in the toolbar.

You can then select to add in a brand new blank element.

To view what each of the form element types are visit this help article.

You can also click on the Import From tab to import an element from the dataset or from another template.

To update/edit an element, click on it and click the “element details” (the pencil) button in the toolbar. Each element details panel that opens on the right hand side will be different depending on the type of element you have on your template.

To remove an element, click on it and click the “remove” button (trash) in the toolbar.

To copy an element to another location within this form template click on your element, click the copy button.

You'll then be asked to select the destination group from within your template that you wish to copy this element to.

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