SmartLinks for Form Templates
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SmartLinks allow you to make some graphical elements in your template dependent on client/prospect data. Usually, when you define a graphical element in a template, the element will be shown as is in all your engagements. If you create a Button, embed a Video, add a Download, or a PDF viewer, those elements will be shown as you defined them regardless of whom you are engaging.

But in some cases, you might want to have these elements show something specific for each client or prospect and for that we created the smart links. 

Smartlinks work by allowing you to link a graphical element with a compatible input element such as a text field or document upload field. By creating this link, the graphical element will use the information added to the input element as its source and since our engagements can be pre-filled automatically and/or manually, you have total control over what the graphical elements will show in each engagement.

Elements that support SmartLinks

You can add smart links to Button elements, Video elements, Document download elements, and PDF viewer elements.

Button and Video elements can be linked to regular text fields in your template.

Document and PDF elements can be linked to regular document upload fields in your template.

Note: The available fields for a SmartLink will depend on the page and group where the graphical element is being added. For example, a button element inside a multiple group (group with an “add more” button) can only be linked to a text field inside the same group. Smart links are based on engagement data. This means that your SmartLink element cannot be placed on the Thank You page of your form template. When we reach the thank you page, the engagement is already closed so that data is not accessible for the smart link element any longer.

How to create a SmartLink

To create a SmartLink, click “smart link” below the source of your graphical element.

Select the desired input field to link your element to. If no field appears in the dropdown, make sure you have a compatible field in a page/group of the same type.

Save the changes made to your graphical element.

How to create a SmartLink to a field in the client/prospect profile

SmartLinks are compatible with template fields only. However those template fields can be connected to a profile field so that they will be automatically pre-filled when you send out the engagement. Click here to learn more about connected elements.

How to hide the input field that is linked to a graphical element

Once you have your SmartLinks created, you will probably want to hide the input fields used since they don’t bring any value to your client. To achieve this, set the “Print Visibility” of the input elements to “Advisor preview only”. This will allow you to see (and update) the input fields, but will hide them from the engagement when your client/prospect opens it.

Why is my graphical element not showing on my engagement?

If a SmartLink is not configured correctly or if the information added to the linked field is not valid, the graphical element will be hidden. Make sure that:

  • Button elements have a smart link to a text field and that the text field has a valid URL in it.

  • Video elements have a smart link to a text field and that the text field has a valid URL for a video from Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia, or Loom.

  • Document download elements have a smart link to a document upload field and that field has a valid document uploaded.

  • PDF viewer elements have a smart link to a document upload field and that the first uploaded field is a valid PDF document.

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