Financial Goals

A short template to check up on your client's financial goals.

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Financial goals is the reason that people save and invest in the first place. Use our financial goals template to see how your client's goals evolve over time. Over time, some goals become more important, while others can fade away.

By having the discussion, both you and your clients can get re-focused on the reasons behind the saving and investing and adjust levels as needed.

Why not send our financial goals template out after the New Year? That tends to be a goal-setting time for many. Your clients will appreciate that you cared enough to ask them about theirs.

This template can be used as is and can also be customized.  

You can click on the template from the library to open it in preview mode to see what your client will see.  From the preview you can even print the template as is.

To engage your client with this template you will need to first add it to My Templates.  You can do this by clicking on the template in the library and then clicking on the Install template button on the template details.

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