When logged in, navigate to Templates > PDF Templates on the left side navigation then click on PDF Library.

Click on the form you wish to install to open the Template Details Panel. On that panel, you will see a green 'Install Template' button.

You can navigate to Templates > PDF Templates and click on 'My Templates' to view a list of the PDF Templates you have installed or created.

You can also preview any of the templates by clicking on them then clicking on the preview button.

The templates are now available for your to engage your clients and prospects with or, if you prefer to see/edit the mapper you can click on the Map button to do so.

Notes on eSignature processes for Custodial PDF Templates

The TD Ameritrade Custodial Templates require the DocuSign integration. Click here to learn how to enable DocuSign in your PreciseFP Account.

To utilize the your own DocuSign account with Schwab Custodial Templates, you must first get approval from Schwab. Click here for more information.

SSG & Pershing utilize the PreciseFP eSignature process. Click here for more information.

**Please note that pre-built PDF Templates are not customizable.**

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