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Default Values on Form Templates

Default values can be set on certain field types within form templates

Updated over a week ago

Default Values can be set on Text, Numeric, Currency, Date, Year, Percentage, non-dynamic Dropdowns, and non-dynamic Multiple Option Field Types on your template.

This will allow you to ensure certain fields on your template are filled in with a starting value of some sort. Note the recipient would be able to edit these fields unless you lock them for editing.

Macros can be used as these default values, as well.

Please Note:

  1. This is done on the template in element details rather than within the dataset.

  2. Default Values will not update the PreciseFP profile. Rather, the profile value will only change if the field's default value is altered on the engagement.

(A default value of 'Yes' is now set for this Multiple Option field)

Keywords: default value, macros, pre-fill fields

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