Macros can be used to pull information from different areas of your account into your Templates and Template notifications.

Here is a list of the available macros:

Template Title

Engagement Creation Date

Client Name

Client First Name

Client email address

Household Name (The First Name and Last Name of both the client and the co-client)

Household First Name(s) (The First Name of both the client and co-client)

Company Name

Company email address

Company Phone Number

Advisor Name

Advisor First Name

Advisor email address

Advisor Mobile Phone

Today's Date

Macros are typically found on the Welcome or Thank You pages of form templates as well as your template notifications.

For the 'Company' and 'Advisor' macros, it is important to note that the Company macros pull from the Teams section of your settings and the Advisor macros pull from the user profile.

Macros can also be used to populate basic info in your PDF Templates.

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