PreciseFP allows you to create multiple teams under your account.

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Teams are used to separate books of business, as a user on Team 1 can only view client/prospects assigned to Team 1.

Teams house your Company Logo, Company Name, additional Company Information for engagement emails, templates, and macros.

Please view our pricing page to see the costs for adding additional teams.

Each subscription includes one Team, though you can add more to the subscription by navigating to Settings > Teams, then clicking the green '+' in the upper right-hand corner:

Users, client/prospect accounts, engagements, reports and templates belong to only one team. Note that Accounts can be moved to another Team and reports and templates can be shared amongst Teams on the same subscription.

Managing Teams

Navigate to Settings > Teams:

Click on a Team to open Team details:

Within Team details, you can create custom fields (Macros), change PDF theme settings, create PDF translations, set default PDF Authentication methods, and update Email settings. You can also view a team-specific activity Timeline.

Removing a Team

Click on the Trash Can icon to delete a Team. You must remove/move all Users from the Team before you will be allowed to do so.

We recommend moving any Accounts you'd like to keep over to another Team, as well, as they cannot be retrieved once deleted.

Switching Teams

When working with multiple teams, if your account allows you to access more than one team, you can access the team by clicking on your name and team name at the top of the settings sidebar sub-navigation.

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