How to edit, add, remove and move a user.

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To view/manage/add/remove users, click on Settings (circle button in the lower left), then click on Users under Organization.

Adding a new user

Click on the + in the upper right hand corner. 

Enter in their details including a role and selecting the team(s) you want them to have access to.

Once done, click on create. This will send an activation link to this user immediately. Please have them check their junk/spam folder if it does not show up in their inbox. If you need to have an email address updated please email

Managing a user

Click on the user. Here you'll be able to see the users Timeline, edit their information (click the pencil and paper icon, enable/disable notifications for them (click on the envelope icon) and remove them (click on the trash can icon then you'll be prompted to input your PreciseFP password)

User Roles

PreciseFP supports four customizable user roles:

  1. Assistant - Use this role for administrative assistants that require access to only one team in your organization.

  2. Advisor - Use this role for financial advisors that require access to only one team in your organization.

  3. Team Lead - Use this role for the person in charge of a team in your organization.

  4. Manager - Use this role for the person who could have more permissions to do more in the platform.

Changing Teams

Any user with the proper permissions can switch between teams at will. To do so, click on Settings, then click on your name in the upper left-hand corner to see a list of teams you have access to. Clicking on one of these teams will move your user onto it.

Moving a User to Another Team

Users with the proper permissions can also move other users to different teams within their subscription. To do so, navigate to Settings > Users, click on the user in question and select the 'Edit' icon

Click in the 'Teams' field to see a list of potential teams, then click on one to give the user access to that team. Be sure to click 'Save changes' when you are all done.

Note: Unless you are under an Enterprise Contract, everyone in your firm that requires access to PreciseFP should have a user account. PreciseFP requires that every financial professional on your firm's ADV have a user account as per our terms and conditions. Please view our pricing page to see the cost for adding additional users.

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